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Core values

The AIB is non-political, and only takes a position on political issues that relate to the efficient and effective technical implementation and/or development of agreed European policy.

The AIB will act in support of European and national initiatives concerning energy certificates. It is independent of and coordinates with individual national and regional energy certificate schemes.

The AIB enables energy certificates to be securely transferred between member organisations. In its decision-making processes, the AIB takes into account European legislation as well as the national legislation of members, their capacity and level of certificate activity.

The AIB recovers its costs primarily via its members and in an activity-based manner, while remaining financially solvent. Unless agreed otherwise, AIB does not financially compensate its members for activities done on behalf and/or in the interests of the Association. Project-based funding is sought as appropriate, provided this satisfies agreed criteria. The AIB membership fee structure is such as not to hinder application for membership of AIB.