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"AIB - guaranteeing the origin of European energy"

The purpose of the AIB is to develop, use and promote a standardised system: the European Energy Certificate System - "EECS".

EECS is based on structures and procedures which ensure the reliable operation of international certificate schemes. These schemes satisfy the criteria of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency and costs effectiveness, in order to facilitate the international exchange of certificates.

In order to further facilitate the international exchange between of energy certificates, the AIB operates an inter-registry telecommunications Hub.

Brussels, Belgium: location of the first AIB General Meeting of 2018 on 23 March

Centre Brussels and Basilica

The first AIB General Meeting will be hosted in Belgium by CREG.

The AIB also provides a knowledge centre for energy certificate authorities across Europe, providing and sharing advice and guidance.

Read about the certification activities and news and events of the AIB.

Our members

Members of AIB are drawn from energy certificate system administrators across Europe. All are competent bodies for guarantees of origin or their agents - mostly transmission system operators, electricity regulators and energy market operators.

See our scheme members, read about EECS or apply for membership.


The European Energy Certificate System (EECS) offers a framework for creating and transferring electronic documents (EECS Certificates). For each megawatt-hour of energy, EECS certifies the quality of its source and/or the method of its production.The EECS Rules ensure that EECS energy certificate systems are reliable, secure and inter-operable - these harmonised standards enable the owners of EECS Certificates to transfer them to other domestic and international account holders.

See the EECS Rules, and take a look at the CEN standard.