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Clean Energy for all Europeans package

DG ENER proposed in November 2016 to revise the Renewable Energy Directive and the Internal Markets Directive, which form part of the EU Commission Package “Clean Energy for All Europeans”.

Aim is to update the EU's energy policy framework in a way that will facilitate the clean energy transition and make it fit for the 21st century. Negotiations have now been concluded on all aspects of the new energy legislative framework, and all of the new rules are formally adopted during the first few months of 2019.
More information can be found here.

The AIB is actively following the developments and continues discussions with its members, officials and stakeholders.   

Directives related to the work range of AIB can be found here.


In November 2017 the RE-Source platform was created by SolarPower Europe, Wind Europe, RE100, CDP and WBCSD. This platform will pool resources and coordinate activities to promote a better framework for renewable energy sourcing, at EU and national level.

For example you could find here a range of policy recommendations.

Please note that AIB highly welcomes this initiative, but does not see this fully in line with our mission.

Renewable energy: Council confirms deal reached with the European Parliament

Clean energy for all Europeans package - state of play (1 January 2019)

This is (so far) the public available outcome of the electricity trilogues:
Electricity Directive
Electricity Regulation
ACER Regulation

Read the final text of RED II post-trilogue and the addendum on RES GOs (June 2018).



1 - EU Commission package - Clean Energy for all Europeans - 30 November 2016 version

Contains the draft revised Renewable Energy, Internal Energy Market, and Energy Efficiency Directives; and the proposal for a Regulation of the IEM

2 - Summary of AIB considerations on Clean Energy for all Europeans package

3 - AIB Detailed Considerations on Clean Energy for all Europeans package

The AIB's paper seeks to identify and explore the concerns of members relating to the proposed provisions for disclosure and guarantees of origin in the package, from the perspective of the AIB and its members; and to form the basis for further discussions with officials and stakeholders.