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Instructions for use of EECS logos

The EECS logo should be used according to the document "EECS Trademark Regulations". The version to be used depends on the size, colour and background of the logo on the material in which it is used.

Click on the logo for a .gif file; and click the text under it for a .eps file.

The version of the logo with the text "European Energy Certificate System" may only be used when the logo is larger than 27 mm (note: 13mb file).

EECS logo - with text

EECS logo EECS - text.eps (13,053kb)

When the logo is smaller than 27 mm, then the version of the logo must be the one without the text. 

EECS logo - small

EECS logo - small.eps (739 kb)





If the logo is to be printed in black and white, then the black and white logo may be used.

EECS logo - monochrome

EECS logo - monochrome.eps (772 kb)

There is also a transparent version of the EECS logo without a white background: this is intended for use on slides with a coloured background.

EECS logo - transparent

EECS logo - transparent.gif (53 kb)