Open Markets Committee 2016, Baden, CH, 1 Dec 2016


Plenary session 1: Chair: AIB and RECS

Welcome (Dirk van Evercooren and Claes Hedenström)

New Directive Developments (Phil Moody, AIB)

Plenary 2: Claiming to promote energy transition, ICS and Biogas
Chair: AIB (Phil Moody, AIB)

Claiming to promote energy transition (Jan van der Lee, CertiQ/AIB)

Task Force Carbon and Claiming Carbon - AIB’s Task Force Carbon (Pedro Faria, CDP)

ICSs (Katrien Verwimp, VREG/AIB)

Biogas GOs (Morten Hilger,
Plenary session 3: Encouraging use of the system and market development, Chair: Jared Braslawsky, RECS International