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A bird's-eye view of 20 years of AIB!

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2023 First 3 Gas Scheme Group members with connection to AIB Hub. Decision for a facilitatory strategy on (sub)hourly GOs.
2022 Updated format and added data fields on EECS certificates to future proof them for the ongoing energy transition.
2021 New AIB vision 2021-2025. Roadmap for futureproofing AIB hub. Decision on update data structure for GO. Strengthened cooperation with Energy Community. EECS Gas Scheme update. Clarified framework for import of certificates of all energy carriers by all issuing bodies. Lead development of REGATRACE report on harmonised rules for certificate handling related to energy carrier conversion.
2020 New organisational structure approved and implemented. AIB leads EU FaStGO project.
Liesbeth Switten replaces Phil Moody as Secretary General.
2019 Gas Chapter approved within EECS. New website launched. Participation in REGATRACE project.
2018 CHANGE project commences. RED II adopted by the EU. New website in preparation.
2017 AIB develops position on RED II. Internal reorganisation commences. Strengthening of audit practices.
2016 Completion of Hub redevelopment. Work starts evaluating linking GOs with carbon. Replacement of website.
2015 Replacement of the Hub. Reflection paper proposes "Full Disclosure". AIB takes over residual mix calculation and country profiles from RE-DISS project
2014 RECS certificates cease to be issued. From now on all EECS certificates are GOs and EECS Disclosure certificates
2012 Ten years of AIB!
2011 Implement EECS Rules and new Hub
2008-10 Re-design PRO into the EEC Rules incorporating new RES Directive 2009/28/EC, enabling energies other than electricity and simplifying the regulations
2007 Implement inter-registry Hub
2006 Develop new chapters for CHP certificates, and revise all member domain protocols to support the new EECS regulations
2005 Definition of a more robust business model for EECS and develop new chapters for disclosure
2004 Redevelop Basic Commitment to address Guarantees of Origin, certificates for other forms of energy and new, clearer rules
2003 Live running / Guarantees of origin
2002 Registry interfaces agreed, international trade commences, AIB and RECS International founded. End of test phase (18M certificates issued)
2001 Basic Commitment agreed - drafting of domain protocols, first certificates issues (Finland) and national trade commences
2000 Preparation commences - resolution of many detailed issues
1999 Foundation of RECS and test phase conceived to prove the concept
1997-98 Dutch green label system