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A bird's-eye view of 18 years of AIB!

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-10 2020 New organisational structure approved and implemented. AIB leads EU FaStGO project.
Liesbeth Switten replaces Phil Moody as Secretary General.
-9 2019 Gas GO Chapter approved within EECS. New website launched. Participation in REGATRACE project.
-8 2018 CHANGE project commences. RED II adopted by the EU. New website in preparation.
-7 2017 New Hub live. AIB develops position on RED II. Internal reorganisation commences. Strengthening of audit practices.
-6 2016 Completion of Hub redevelopment. Work starts evaluating linking GOs with carbon. Replacement of website.
-5 2015 Replacement of the Hub. Reflection paper proposes "Full Disclosure". AIB takes over residual mix calculation and country profiles from RE-DISS project
-4 2014 RECS certificates cease to be issued. From now on all EECS certificates are GOs and EECS Disclosure certificates
-3 2012 Ten years of AIB!
-2 2011 Implement EECS Rules and new Hub
-1 2008-10 Re-design PRO into the EEC Rules incorporating new RES Directive 2009/28/EC, enabling energies other than electricity and simplifying the regulations
0 2007 Implement inter-registry Hub
1 2006 Develop new chapters for CHP certificates, and revise all member domain protocols to support the new EECS regulations
2 2005 Definition of a more robust business model for EECS and develop new chapters for disclosure
3 2004 Redevelop Basic Commitment to address Guarantees of Origin, certificates for other forms of energy and new, clearer rules
4 2003 Live running / Guarantees of origin
5 2002 Registry interfaces agreed, international trade commences, AIB and RECS International founded. End of test phase (18M certificates issued)
6 2001 Basic Commitment agreed - drafting of domain protocols, first certificates issues (Finland) and national trade commences
7 2000 Preparation commences - resolution of many detailed issues
8 1999 Foundation of RECS and test phase conceived to prove the concept
9 1997-98 Dutch green label system