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EKOenergy is an ecolabel for electricity supplied to consumers. It is meant to help electricity suppliers to sell an easily recognizable and widely accepted renewable electricity products. Also Guarantees of Origin can carry information of EKOenergy eligibility in the form of an ICS tag.

The label is managed by the EKOenergy Network. It is a network of European environmental NGOs willing to promote the use of sustainable renewable electricity. The network has member NGOs from all parts of the European continent from Albania to Iceland and from Finland to Spain.

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The EKOenergy label is the only electricity label resulting from a pan-European consultation process and working in the whole of Europe.

EKOenergy sets criteria for the following aspects:

  • Consumer information: Consumers get information about where and how the electricity has been produced.
  • Sustainability and climate: EKOenergy labelled electricity fulfills the sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy network. And per every MWh sold, minimum 10 euro cents will be paid into the EKOenergy Climate Fund.
  • Tracking: The criteria are based on the Europe­an best practice, and on the recommendations of RE-DISS/EPED.
  • Auditing and verification: All EKOenergy claims are verified by independent auditors.
  • The criteria is based on consultations of hundreds of stakeholders: electricity producers and suppliers, consumer organizations, environmental NGOs and authorities.
Criteria of the EKOenergy standard EKOenergy-network_label_criteria_en.pdf (270kb) Download

EKOenergy Criteria and basic information is available in many different languages.

For more information visit; or contact the EKOenergy Secretariat by email