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Guaranteeing the origin of European energy


AIB - "guaranteeing the origin of European energy"

The purpose of the AIB is to develop, use and promote a standardised system: the European Energy Certificate System - "EECS".

EECS is based on structures and procedures which ensure the reliable operation of international certificate schemes. These schemes satisfy the criteria of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency and costs effectiveness, in order to facilitate the international exchange of guarantees of origin.

In order to further facilitate this, the AIB operates an inter-registry communications Hub.

The AIB also provides a knowledge centre for energy certificate authorities across Europe, providing and sharing advice and guidance.

Recent findings about some Italian GOs

The AIB has only very recently become aware that Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from three Italian gas-fired production devices have been wrongly labelled as being issued for electricity produced using solely renewable sources of energy.

The fact that these Italian GOs were issued in full conformity with Italian legislation is the reason that this problem was not detected earlier. Since 2017, only one of these production devices is still eligible for receiving GOs. The AIB has taken action to rectify the situation with the responsible issuing body and all members involved in the import of all such GOs. AIB will also look into further strengthening the regular audit procedures to which all of the AIB members are submitted.

The Italian issuing body GSE has guaranteed to the AIB that the situation will end now by ceasing to issue or auction such GOs immediately and will implement the necessary measures to prevent the export of such GOs from Italy, informing the AIB when this has taken place.

For further information, please contact your national issuing body - member of the AIB.


Open Markets Committee 2019

AIB and RECS International jointly organised the 2019 Open Markets Committee (OMC) in Luxembourg on 28 Nov 2019.


Interested in joining AIB?

If you are an issuing body for GOs or voluntary certificates and wish to join, then read more here.See a generic presentation about AIB and GOs or
take a look at our Youtube channel, which contains videos about the AIB and guarantees of origin.
All these documents, presentations and information are developed by the AIB, its members and market parties.


Next public event

2020 REC Market Meeting

REC Market Meeting 2020: the maturing renewables market.
31 March - 1 April 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The REC Market Meeting is celebrating its 10th anniversary.