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Mission ° Vision

AIB has a clear mission and an updated vision.

Mission of AIB
"AIB - guaranteeing the origin of European energy"

Vision 2021-2025 - approved by the General Meeting in May 2021 
The production, trade, distribution and consumption of energy can be electronically documented and tracked with energy attribute tracking certificates (EAT). The EECS® (European Energy Certificate System®) facilitates harmonised handling of EAT Systems, including guarantees of origin (GOs) issued under various EU Directives and other compatible national legislations.

Such GOs have the function of proving to a final customer the source of the energy they consume. The EECS® framework enables transfers of EECS certificates between account holders within and between countries and regions.

With a main focus on supporting the energy transition for all stakeholders, AIB aims to unite the European issuing bodies of energy attribute tracking systems for all energy carriers and technologies, thereby using a decision making structure that respects their varying identities while allowing for continuous evolution.

For efficiency in system management, trustworthiness and innovation of such energy attribute tracking systems and reliable energy disclosure, the AIB performs the following activities:

- AIB facilitates European transfers, including bringing operational excellence in facilitating the IT infrastructure of the GO system,
- AIB strives for harmonisation of rules and practices,
- AIB operates a quality assurance framework,
- AIB establishes cooperation and exchange of expertise with and between issuing bodies and disclosure bodies, market parties and other stakeholders,
- AIB transparently provides market activity information and expert information.