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Throughout the world, the importance of energy- and policy-related issues is rising markedly: in particular, those issues which relate to clean energy and energy efficiency. Policy instruments which support tracking of the source of energy, and disclosing this information to consumers, will play a key role in the transition towards a sustainable future.

Within the European Union, unique electronic Guarantees of Origin issued under the various Directives have the sole function of proving to a final customer the source of the energy from which the energy they consume was produced. They can be transferred between account holders independently of the energy to which they relate.

The AIB aims to provide the infrastructure and information to support electricity source disclosure in all EU Member States by the end of 2022. While further expansion outside of Europe is foreseen during the period 2015-2020, the main focus will be to satisfy the demand of European market players.

Besides geographic expansion, the AIB aims to support the market by developing new certification products for existing European markets, such as energy efficiency certificates and a certification system for energies other than electricity. The AIB will also enhance the system, improving operational aspects of the system and enhancing information provision.