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AIB Members
A list of AIB members with contact details, Domain Protocols and member tariffs.
EECS Registries
Links to the AIB Hub and to the registries, giving access to lists of member accounts and registered production devices.
Market Information
Statistical information on EECS certificates market activity, an indication of certificate market prices, information on national practice, and standard agreements for trade of certificates between market parties.
European Residual Mix
The AIB Residual Mixes and European Attribute Mix is needed for reliable disclosure of electricity consumption where Guarantees of Origin (or in some cases other legally accepted tracking instruments) are not used. Due to the international nature of the Guarantee of Origin (GO) market, the European Attribute Mix is needed by energy authorities to calculate the residual mix for their respective country. This makes the entire disclosure system reliable by determining and correctly disclosing to consumers purchasing a non-specific type of electricity what energy origin is left in the power system after explicit tracking by means of GOs.
National Datasheets of GOs and Disclosure
This page contains links to national datasheets of Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure for each of the 28 countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. These describe the respective national systems for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and disclosure, and contain related information on, for example, renewable electricity support schemes.