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The AIB consists out of the board, workgroups, task forces and the secretariat.

The Workgroups

Workgroups meet as necessary, sometimes monthly but more usually bi-monthly. These address ongoing issues, such as:

  • Regulation of the Association
  • Development of the EECS standard
  • Registry-registry communications
  • Communications with members and third parties.

The Task Forces

Task Forces are formed to address individual, time-bounded issues. In the past, these have examined such matters as: 

  • fee structures
  • the development of the international residual mix
  • the development of the AIB inter-registry Hub
  • specific EECS business processes
  • development of recommendations for members to protect against financial fraud

The General Meeting

The decision-making body of the AIB is the General Meeting, which meets quarterly at varying locations in Europe. Its decisions are advised by the Working Groups and Task Forces, and implemented by the Board and Secretariat.

Meetings tend to be over a two-day period, to enable decision-making at both working and executive levels, sometimes in traditional conference rooms and occasionally in a less formal setting. There is a social event associated with meetings, usually dinner, to give members the opportunity for informal discussions.

General meeting

The Board

The Board is responsible for day-to-day management of the Association and meets monthly, alternating physical meetings with teleconferences. The general cycle of meetings is organised so that budgetary plans are approved at the December General Meeting.

The Secretariat

The General Meeting, Board and working groups are supported by the Secretariat.
Although the AIB, as an association, liaises with market organisations such as EFET, RECS International and Eurelectric, the formal relationship with market participants is the responsibility of the members of AIB.