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Tariffs charged by AIB members to account holders

For market parties who want to make use of our members' registries, the following tariffs apply in each Domain. This information is published in the interest of transparency.

Note that the information presented is correct to the knowledge of AIB, but should be confirmed with the relevant issuing body. In converting them from their base currency, the 15 December 2022 exchange rates were used.

Differences between tariffs are for a variety of reasons: some members set their own fees; while for others these are set by government.

AIB costs have been absorbed into the tariff unless otherwise stated.

This document will be revised in December each year, in line with information from members, and published on 15th December.
In case of changes during the year, this file will be adapted (based on the AIB member's pro-active provision of information).

Tariffs charged by AIB members to account holders - for 2023 (as of January 2023) IB tariffs for 2023_v20230320.xlsx (60kb) Download