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EFET standard agreement between market parties

EFET - the European Federation of Energy Traders - has agreed a set of documents. 

These are: 

  1. EECS Master Agreement
  2. EECS Appendix to the EFET Power Agreement
  3. Usage Notes highlighting a few of the conceptual issues which users should be aware of when using the above agreement.

Comprehensive guidance notes will soon be drafted. 

Note that these documents are also available on the EFET website.

EECS Master Agreement - PDF 2013_12_14_EFET EECS Master Agreement_final.pdf (567kb) Download
EECS Master Agreement - WORD 2013_12_14_EECS Master Agreement_elections.docx (57kb) Download
EECS Appendix - PDF 2013_12_14_EECS Certificates Appendix_final.pdf (352kb) Download
EECS Appendix - WORD 2013_12_14_EECS_Certificates_Appendix_elections.docx (47kb) Download
Usage notes 2013_12_05_EFET - Usage Notes to the EECS Master Agreement and Appendix.pdf (253kb) Download