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Stakeholder Webinar October 2020

Upgrading the European System for Guarantees of Origin
FaStGO workshop 29 October 2020

Design specification for GO statistics, Residual mix, IT infrastructure

The FaStGO project partners were pleased to experience a webinar with around 120 real-time attendees and over 150 registrants, asking questions, and providing comments!

Recording available on this link.

Workshop programme

Part 1 - Framework

   1 Welcome - Katrien Verwimp (AIB)
   2 FaStGO project framework - Henrik Dam  (DG ENER - European Commission)
   3 FaStGO project outline – Katrien Verwimp (AIB)

Part 2 – Upgrading the GO market statistics (starts at 00:17:57hrs)

   4 Design specifications for GO market statistics
    a. Market survey results  - Adam White (RECS International)
    b. Improvement opportunities and recommendations - Markus Klimscheffskij (Gaia Consulting)
    c. Reflections on feasibility for Issuing bodies -  Liesbeth Switten (AIB)

Part 3 – Residual Mix (starts at 01:02:07hrs)

   5 Residual mix for non-electrical energy carriers – Markus Klimscheffskij (Gaia Consulting)

Part 4 – Future proofing the IT framework for GOs (starts at 01:37:33hrs)

   6 IT systems for cross border transfer of guarantees of origin
    a. Vision on IT infrastructure – Phil Moody (AIB)
    b. Data transfer protocol + High level system design specifications  - Marko  Lehtovaara – (Grexel Systems)

   7 Wrap up - Katrien Verwimp, Project Leader (AIB) (starts at 02:39:16hrs)

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