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EECS® Rules

This version of the EECS Rules was formally approved by the General Meeting of AIB members held on 23rd March 2018 in Brussels, and came into operation on 26th March 2018.

EECS Rules Release 7 v10 EECS Rules Release 7 v10.pdf (1.721kb) Download
EECS Rules Release 7 v11 - Gas GO Scheme EECS Rules Release 7 v11 - Gas GO Scheme.pdf (236kb) Download
EECS Change Request CR1902: Energy Carrier Conversion Rules (to be included in the new version of the EECS Rules, due 2020Q1) AIB-2019-WGIA-03 03 EECS-CR1902 Energy carrier conversion rules.pdf (198kb) Download

The EECS Rules (previously 'the Basic Commitment' or 'the PRO' - the 'Principles and Rules of Operation') is the AIB's formal statement of its principles and rules of operation.