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Value of AIB and GOs

The three main European policy goals in the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” Package are:

  • putting energy efficiency first;
  • achieving global leadership in renewable energies; and
  • providing a fair deal for consumers.

Consumers are active and central players on the energy markets of the future. Consumers across the EU will have a better basis for the choice of supply, access to reliable energy price comparison tools and the possibility to produce and sell their own renewable electricity. Increased transparency and better regulation give more opportunities for civil society to become more involved in the energy system. The package also contains a number of measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable consumers.

European policy makers are working on a new legal framework for the European energy market, called the ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package. To find out why this is important for consumers, and how consumers can contribute to the transition to a more sustainable European electricity market read on...

The values of AIB