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Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets contain transient and/or advisory information relating to national certificates schemes, members and detailed codes and standards. There is also a Fact Sheet offering guidelines and a framework for domain protocols.

A list of all Fact Sheets EECS Rules Fact Sheet 1 - List of EECS Rules Fact Sheets - Release 1.38.pdf (16kb) Download
A list of all EECS Rules Subsidiary Documents EECS Rules Fact Sheet 02 - EECS Rules Subsidiary Documents - Release 1.12.pdf (179kb) Download
The relevant Public Support schemes which apply in member countries EECS Rules Fact Sheet 3 - Types of Public Support - Release 1.22.pdf (268kb) Download
Member and Competent Authority Codes EECS Rules Fact Sheet 4 - Member and Competent Authority Codes - Release 1.65.pdf (652kb) Download
Permissible types of energy sources and technologies, and their emission factors EECS Rules Fact Sheet 5 - Types of Energy Inputs and Technologies - Release 7.6.pdf (602kb) Download
Addresses for EECS Rules Notices EECS Rules Fact Sheet 6 - Addresses for EECS Rules Notices - Release 1.52.pdf (163kb) Download
All members must complete a Domain Protocol according to this Domain Protocol Template as a condition of membership EECS Rules Fact Sheet 10 - Guidelines and Framework for DPs - Release 2-3.pdf (426kb) Download
Guidelines & framework for domain protocols EECS Rules Fact Sheet 10a - Domain Protocol Template EECS7 - v6.docx (252kb) Download
Permissible use of heat codes for use on CHP Guarantees of Origin EECS Rules Fact Sheet 11 - Cogeneration GO Codes - Release 1.2 v2.pdf (13kb) Download
Matrix of scheme members responsible for reviewing each Domain Scheme EECS Rules Fact Sheet 12 - Product Rules Assessment Panel Matrix - Release 2.5.pdf (220kb) Download
Schemes used by members for recording geographical coordinates for the location of production devices. EECS Rules Fact Sheet 16 - Geographical Coordinates - Release 2.17.pdf (85kb) Download
EECS schemes, and the members of each EECS product EECS Rules Fact Sheet 17 - EECS Scheme Members and EECS Products - Release 1.39.pdf (386kb) Download
A list of each Transfer Error Code EECS Rules Fact Sheet 18 - Transfer Error Codes - Release 3 0 v8.pdf (600kb) Download