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Sustainability Statement

The AIB commits to take responsibility
for promoting sustainability within its own organisation

As an international organisation working towards the energy transition, AIB wants to lead by example.

Since 2021, we take responsibility for our activities and seek to make our own structures and organisation both environmentally and socially friendly. Specifically, via communications (e.g. website and emails) and the meetings we hold across Europe, AIB wants to go the extra mile.

We aim for a sustainable impact, and take further responsibility of our operations through the following steps:

  1. Over the years of physical meetings, we gained insight into the CO2 emissions resulting from travel across Europe. Despite the absence of in-person meetings during the Covid period, we remained committed to supporting communities, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing prosperity through certified climate action projects. Upon the resumption of in-person meetings in Spring 2022, Atmosfair compensated for a total of 50 tCO2 emissions, providing a rough estimate of travel-related CO2 emissions in 2022. 
  2. From 2021, AIB stopped printing the Annual Report and only publishes it online. The EECS® Rules brochures were printed on the most environmentally friendly paper (FSC paper, 100% post-consumer recycled) in cooperation with the printing company Lokay, which has committed itself to be a sustainable printer.
  3. For physical meetings, we seek venues (e.g. hotels) with environmental management certification, and preferably those that engage in other activities relating to improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact and supporting social responsibility. One aspect of this, is to give preference to regional food with a good choice of vegetarian and vegan options.
  4. Furthermore, the Expense Rules have been revised so that AIB staff are encouraged to buy flight tickets from sellers that provide the choice of renewable aviation fuel for their journeys.