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EECS certificates satisfy the requirements of the RES and Cogeneration Directives (2009/28/EC and 2004/8/EC respectively).

Each EECS certificate is uniquely identifiable, transferable and therefore tradable, and contains standard information. For electricity, this includes:

  • the energy medium (electricity, gas, solid fuel etc)
  • a unique certificate number
  • the issuer of the certificate
  • the country of issue
  • the date when the plant became operational
  • the identity of the plant
  • the location of the plant
  • the date and time when the certificate was issued
  • the start and end date of energy production
  • the type of fuel used to produce the energy
  • the type of technology used to produce the energy
  • the installed capacity of the plant
  • the size of certificate (normally 1MWh)
  • the purpose of the certificate (whether energy source disclosure - either as a guarantee of origin or as a voluntary independent criteria scheme - or support)
  • whether or not other certificates can be or have been issued by this unit of energy
  • an indication of whether any public support has been received and, if so, the type of support (investment support, production support, both, neither, or unknown).