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National Datasheets on GOs and Disclosure

This page contains links to national datasheets of Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure for each of the 28 countries of the European Union, Serbia (Energy Community), Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

These describe the respective national systems for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and disclosure, and contain related information on, for example, renewable electricity support schemes.         

The RE-DISS project initially developed Country Profiles in 2015. Early in 2017, the AIB took over responsibility for keeping these up to date. To do so, it initiated a rolling program of ensuring that a datasheet is completed as part of the three-yearly audit required of all AIB members (non-members of the AIB update their datasheets on a voluntary basis).    

Hence this page links to AIB-produced datasheets where available, and RE-DISS reports where not (the country name is followed by either "RE-DISS" or the year when the datasheet was produced by the AIB).

In the meantime, the REGADISS project has developed a new evolution of the datasheet, including other energy carriers, namely biomethane, hydrogen, other gases and heating/cooling. Disclosure Competent Bodies may find this version of the datasheet helpful in case disclosure for other energy carriers than electricity is practiced in their domain. Currently, the EECS Unit is revising this template and a new version is expected soon.

If you are the representative of a bona fide competent authority for guarantees of origin or disclosure and wish to update the datasheet shown on the website, please complete the appropriate form (below) for a member or non-member of the AIB, and send it to the Secretariat, at info(at)

Template - AIB Data Sheet on GO and disclosure, for AIB member Template - AIB Data Sheet on GO and disclosure, for AIB member_22122022.xlsx (51kb) Download
Template - AIB Data Sheet on GO and disclosure, for non-AIB-members Template - AIB Data Sheet on GO and disclosure, for non-AIB-members_22122022.xlsx (51kb) Download
Optional template - AIB Data Sheet on GO and disclosure, including gases and heating/cooling 2024_Template - AIB Data Sheet on disclosure_v2.xlsx (44kb) Download