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ReGaDISS -Reliable Gas Disclosure System is a one-year project under a service contract to DG Ener of the European Commission, based on the terms of reference N° ENER/2023/MVP/0010. The goal is to provide Technical assistance to develop methodologies compliant with disclosure obligations on gases from renewable energy sources.
The project will develop basics for a methodology for a residual mix for gases, in line with the gas disclosure obligation following art. 19.8 of the RED3 and the upcoming revision of the Gas Directive.

Project Leader: Katrien Verwimp
Start: January 2024.

Consisting of 5 tasks: 

Task 1: Analysis of the current legal framework and methodologies (EU wide overview of the currently used approaches for Residual Mix)
Task 2: Technical and legal requirements that a methodology for Residual Mix in gases shall comply with
Task 3: Draft methodology for disclosure supervision and Residual Mix calculation for gases
Task 4: Stakeholder consultation and Dissemination
Task 5: Final version of the methodology