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How to join

If you are an issuing body for GOs or voluntary certificates and would like to see how AIB works for yourself for a trial year at no cost, then you may apply in writing for “Observer” status. As an observer, you will naturally not be entitled to take part in decision-making, but your views will always be welcome.

If you are an issuing body for GOs or voluntary certificates and wish to join, then you must make formal application to the Association. Applicants have no voting rights, and can remain an applicant for one year (paying no membership fee) after which they must pay the membership fee. Once you have been granted membership of the AIB, you will be able to vote, and must pay the membership fee. Applicants and members have access to the public part of the website plus the relevant parts of the members section.

Download below the brochure 'How to join AIB' for a high level explanation of the work of AIB, and of the EECS Rules. This document describes the process of gaining membership in more detail and explains how the membership fee is calculated.

If you wish to apply for membership, then you should do so by writing to the AIB Secretariat, and including a completed application form and questionnaire, which can be downloaded below too.

Overview how to join (presentation) How To Join 2021.pdf (819kb) Download
The AIB and how to join it (detailed brochure) AIB-2021-AIB JoiningBrochure.pdf (241kb) Download
Membership application form AIB Membership and Use of Hub Questionnaire v9 - 20200803.pdf (190kb) Download
Introduction to AIB, GO's and reflection paper (presentation) AIB ReflectionPaper_Presentation_01102015.pdf (991kb) Download