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The AIB offers and promotes the use of a harmonised environment, structures and procedures, which ensures the reliable operation of an international system supporting the electronic creation, transfer and cancellation of energy certificates.

This system is known as the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

  • EECS ensures the reliable operation of international energy certificate systems across Europe
  • EECS has proved to be highly effective, reliable, efficient, fraud-resistant and low cost. It is well-tested, and based on a harmonised environment, structures and procedures
  • EECS has the benefit of years of experience and the support of members who have already implemented systems, and identified and overcome solutions to many common problems.

The AIB also provides a forum for members to address issues of common relevance, such as the calculation of national residual mixes.

The AIB cooperates with and supports the European Commission in the implementation of European legislation concerning energy source tracking and disclosure:

  • seeking solutions to issues of common interest
  • ensuring that EECS complies with European legislation and
  • addressing the challenges raised by changes of legislation in a way that benefits member systems and national policy intentions.

The AIB also supports its members by raising with national governments issues arising from national support schemes that have an international impact.