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Domain Protocols

A Domain Protocol sets out how the EECS Rules is implemented in each domain.

Each Domain Protocol must be approved by the General Meeting of the AIB before certificates can be issued, transferred or cancelled in the domain in question; and any changes must also be approved by the General Meeting in advance of implementation.

While the AIB has exercised every care in compiling and publishing the data contained in these pages, it accepts no responsibility for any errors and omissions.


AIB has installed a quality assurance system where all AIB members are audited. Each AIB member is now audited every three years. The operations of the members of AIB were last audited as follows:

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Country (region) Year of audit
Austria 2019
Belgium (Brussels) 2020
Belgium (Federal) 2018
Belgium (Flanders) 2019
Belgium (Wallonia) 2020
Croatia 2020
Cyprus 2022
Czech Republic 2018
Denmark 2020
Estonia 2021
Finland 2022
France 2021
Germany 2018
Greece 2019
Iceland 2018
Ireland 2019
Italy 2019
Latvia 2022
Lithuania 2020
Luxembourg 2018
Netherlands 2018
Norway 2018
Portugal 2022
Serbia -
Slovakia 2021
Slovenia 2021
Spain 2017
Sweden 2019
Switzerland 2018