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Information Systems Unit

Formerly called Workgroup Systems

ISU in Brussels Dec 2022
» Thanks to the co-chairs Martin Standera (OTE, CZ) and Katja Merkel (UBA, DE), the actively contributing AIB members with several subgroups, and the assistance from Marika Timlin-de Vicente (AIB secretariat, FI) the Information Systems Unit provides high quality work.

Area of Responsibility

  • EECS system (AIB Hub) efficiency and enhancement
  • Development of  the AIB Hub


  • Develop appropriate standards. These should be based upon international standards and methodologies and be as up-to-date as possible
  • Continuously make sure the AIB Hub is adapted to the needs of the international exchange of EECS certificates
  • Provide the Board and other workgroups with technical expertise related to the AIB Hub and communication between the AIB Hub and the registries
  • Create and manage changes for the AIB Hub on behalf of the AIB
  • Follow up of the AIB Hub system provider
  • Get in contact and share experience with other organisations working with electronic certificates for energy or emissions
  • Provide advice on best practices regarding computers security, errors correction
  • Implement monitoring tools for Hub transfers

Review Tasks

  • Identification, reporting and implementation of corrections to errors in agreed systems process and interface specifications
  • Confirmation of compliance of the systems of new and existing member organisations