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Communication and Public Affairs Unit

Formerly called External Affairs Unit (EAU)

CPAU photo Brussels Dec 2022
» Branislav Banovic (COTEE, ME), Liesbeth Switten, (AIB Secretary General, BE F), Andrea Effinger (AIB Secretariat, DE), Dubravka Brkić (HROTE, HR), Miguel Jeronimo (CPAU representative in AIB Board, REN, PT), Milada Mehinovic, chair of CPAU (Pronovo, CH), Nikola Tosic (EMS, RS) Not in the picture: Friederike Domke (UBA, DE)

    Area of Responsibility

    • To provide information to members and non-members, including stakeholders, government, NGOs in the field of guarantees of origin and electricity disclosure in Europe.
    • Information should be provided by means of the written and spoken word, including technical publications, presentations and the internet.


    • Planning approaches and meetings with possible new countries and IBs.
    • Support a stakeholder management to enable the approach of stakeholders.
    • To provide information to members, relating to events and other relevant matters such as new trader accounts, analyses of certificate activity and so on. This includes the preparation and dissemination of newsletters and press information.
    • Developing and improving information documents and a web presence as a useful information resource for members and non-members alike, and maintaining this.
    • Preparation for and presentation at conferences, workshops and briefings.
    • Proceed with AIB’s commitment to take responsibility for promoting sustainability within its own organisation.
    • Review publications, articles and presentations for adequacy (on request from the Board and members).
    • Advise in instances of error or dispute (on request from the Board and members) and proactively supporting an exchange about best practices from/between members in communication with stakeholders.