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Stakeholder Webinar October 2020

Upgrading the European System for Guarantees of Origin

Upcoming FaStGO workshop – free attendance – registration needed
29 October 2020, 13h-16h CET

Design specification for GO statistics, Residual mix, IT infrastructure

Please register here if you want to attend.

Workshop programme:

  1. Welcome - Katrien Verwimp (AIB)
  2. FaStGO project framework - Henrik Dam  (DG ENER- European Commission)
  3. FaStGO project outline – Katrien Verwimp (AIB)
  4. Design specifications for GO market statistics
    a. Market survey results  - Adam White (RECS International)
    b. Improvement opportunities and recommendations - Markus Klimscheffskij (Gaia Consulting)
    c. Reflections on feasibility for Issuing bodies -  Liesbeth Switten (AIB)
  5. Residual mix for non-electrical energy carriers – Markus Klimscheffskij (Gaia Consulting)
  6. IT systems for cross border transfer of guarantees of origin
    a. Vision on IT infrastructure– Phil Moody (AIB)
    b. Data transfer protocol + High level system design specifications  - Marko  Lehtovaara – (Grexel Systems)
  7. Wrap up

Programme with time schedule

Moderation: Katrien Verwimp – project leader

FaStGO workshop invitation visual