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How to open a GO trading account

How can you become involved in the GO market?

As a producer of electricity from renewable sources, you can get in touch with the issuing body for GOs in your country, to see whether you can apply for GOs for your production. See the list of issuing bodies that are AIB members here.

As an electricity supplier, you can buy GOs and use them to prove to your customers that the electricity that they are getting under a green electricity contract is indeed from renewable origin, according to the disclosure rules in your country.

As a GO trader, you can apply for an account in the system of any of the issuing bodies that are members of AIB, provided this is possible under the Standard Terms and Conditions of the issuing body. Once you have an account, you can trade GOs with other market participants, both in the country of the issuing body with which you have an account, as well as in other AIB member countries, as the registries of all EECS compliant issuing bodies are connected through the AIB Hub.

As a consumer interested in electricity from renewable sources, you can either sign a green electricity contract with a supplier, or you can buy GOs yourself and use them to prove that you consumed green electricity, provided such practice is supported by the disclosure body in your country (if not, you can still buy the GOs, but they will not show up on your electricity bill which will therefore still show fossil and/or nuclear origins).

Further information about the members of the AIB, including the way in which they operate in their country or region, and their tariffs for account holders, can be seen here.