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FaStGO - Facilitating Standards for Guarantees of Origin

This project provides expert advice to the European Commission DG ENER, based on the terms of Reference N° ENER/C1/2019-517: “Technical support for RES policy development & implementation. Establishing technical requirements and facilitating the standardisation process for guarantees of origin on basis of Dir (EU) 2018/2001.”

Overview of Tasks 

  1. Mapping currently existing standardisation frameworks 

  2. Specification of the technical requirements for the extended coverage of GO 

  3. IT system specifications and the requirements for the associated infrastructure for cross-border exchange of GO for all energy carriers 

  4. Systems for EU-based market supervision statistics 

  5. Methodologies for enhanced prevention of financial fraud 

  6. Stakeholder consultation processes

The project runs for one year and started on 16th of December 2019.

FaStGO consultation

FASTGO invites experts in areas related to guarantees of origin to identify and overcome the challenges currently existing in the management of Guarantee of Origin systems.

If you are such an expert, then please read our paper on the topic and respond to our survey -  we welcome your advice.

The FASTGO project is considering how to overcome these challenges in order to improve the quality of our analysis and our proposals for how to improve the standard. If we have missed a challenge, please send us your analysis of it. We’ll take this into account and produce a balanced argument as required by our assignment from DG ENER.