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The Open Market Committee (OMC)

The Open Market Committee (OMC) is an important meeting point where AIB and its members – the competent bodies for guarantees of origin across Europe – and market participants can develop a better understanding of each other’s needs and wishes.

  • Luxembourg
  • AIB Open Markets Committee

AIB and RECS International will be jointly hosting the 2019 Open Markets Committee (OMC) in Luxembourg.

What is the purpose of the OMC? From AIB’s side, we are aware of that what we do, both as Issuing Bodies and as AIB itself, is vital for electricity consumers and for companies in the electricity sector. Because the electricity market, and the energy system in general, has become a very dynamic environment, it is vital to discuss the evolutions and exchange information with market participants in the GO-market.

So we are glad that we have a long standing cooperation with RECS International to set up a forum for AIB to meet market participants, the OMC.
In general, the upcoming OMC will look at the direction the GO-market participants see the market going, and at what does AIB have on the to do list.

These topics are – amongst others - on the agenda of the 2019 OMC:

  • Market Trends: statistics, auctions, PPAs,…
  • System management: fraud prevention, new countries joining AIB, ex-domain cancellations and bilateral recognition, certification of non-fossil gas and conversion of GOs between different energy carriers
  • Regulatory framework – EU Level: update on RED II, with a focus on implementation and EU Green Label, EECS Development and interaction with CEN 16325 Standard, MIFID / REMIT categorisation of GOs,…
  • Regulatory framework, good practices – National Level: Full disclosure national activity, verification discrepancies, interaction with other attribute tracking standards,…

Please see the draft agenda here.

We look forward to welcoming all interested parties at the OMC. See you in Luxembourg on 28 November!

Registration is open.
Registration for AIB members can be done via the GM subpage, and everyone else is kindly asked to register via the website of RECS International.