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RE-Source 2022 - Direct sourcing of renewables

RE-Source 2022 - The European platform for corporate renewable energy sourcing is organising the annual event:
Direct sourcing of renewables – the key for Europe’s energy competitiveness, security and climate goals.

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Non-AIB, non-RECS

Taking place in Amsterdam on 6-7 October, this event will gather clean energy buyers and suppliers to learn, network and do business together to share experiences, find new solutions and discuss the hottest topics in CorporateSourcing:

  • How can PPAs help Europe achieve energy independence
  • Renewable hydrogen and PPAs
  • Public procurement of renewables by cities and other public organisations
  • Heat Purchase Agreements 
  • Mitigation of risk of PPA projects
  • Regional focus: PPA markets in Central and Southeastern Europe
  • Supply chain and Scope 3 emissions
  • RES sourcing for energy intensive industries
  • 24/7 renewables and flexibility
  • On-site generation of RES
  • Cross-border PPAs
  • What your CFO needs to know
  • How to make PPAs suitable for SMEs

View the agenda and register now via LinkedIn

RE-Source 2022