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Stakeholder workshop on Draft methodology for residual mix calculation method for gases

Join us online on September 3rd !

Dear Stakeholder, 

We invite you to the stakeholder workshop in the REGADISS project on September 3rd 10-13h CET

This is around the end of the consultation period on the draft Residual Mix method for gases, which will run from July 1st till September 15th . 

Please note that participation is free of charge but registration for this webinar is mandatory. You can register through the following link.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Welcome  (Liesbeth Switten - Secretary General AIB)
  2. Situation and context for the project (Henrik Dam - European Commission DG ENER)
  3. Project overview (Katrien Verwimp - Project Leader REGADISS)
  4. Support for national discloscure authorities: Template Overview GO and Disclosure  (Angela Tschernutter - GO and Disclosure expert - E-Control)
  5. Overview of gas GO and disclosure implementation in national contexts (Bram van der Heijde - EECS Quality officer)
  6. Instruments for Gas Disclosure: EU Legal requirements and interaction with other tracking frameworks  (Katrien Verwimp)
  7. Q&A    
  8. Break
  9. Residual Mix method for electricity  (Markus Klimscheffskij - CEO Grexel)
  10. Draft Residual Mix method for gas  (Erwin Cornelis - Senior Analyst)
  11. System Boundaries (Katrien Verwimp)
  12. Data sources and availability (Erwin Cornelis)
  13. Consultation on methodology  (Bram van der Heijde - Consultation lead)
  14. Q&A 

Moderation: Katrien Verwimp - Project Leader


Project REGADISS is well underway since its kick-off in January 2024. It helps clarifying the framework for gas disclosure (informing consumers on the energy source of the gas supplied to them) and determining the residual mix for gases (how the energy source mix of untracked commercial offers looks).  

The REGADISS Team has analysed the current state-of-the-art in terms of gas disclosure, as well as the legal and technical requirements for the calculation of a gas Residual Mix.  

By the end of June, REGADISS will publish a Report with the draft calculation methodology for the gas Residual Mix. From early July until end September, this draft methodology will be subject to an Open Stakeholder Consultation that runs from July 1st till September 15th .  

The aim of this workshop:  

  • Introducing the legal framework for gas disclosure and the role of the residual mix 

  • To explain the preliminary conclusions of REGADISS for a the draft calculation methodology for the gas Residual Mix, and 

  • To provide the opportunity to ask questions about the draft methodology, and to invite comments, so as to maximize the impact of the consultation process. 


    We hope to interact with you on the 3rd of September!  

    More information: